This time we decided to pop over to Skiathos for a week of sun, sea swimming and a crazy amount of feta cheese salads and sea food.A super short flight time, within an hour or two we was from door to by the pool in Greece, Skiathos has a real short tight run way, when you come in to land you fly right sail ships in the sea, a few people waving you on the beach which looks touching distance, crazy stuff.

This shot really reminds me of Banksy sweeping piece he did in London a few years ago.

I had been told numerous times the water in Greece is stunning, the Greece islands where my granddads favourite and after a few hours of arriving, snacking on some food and jumping straight in to the sea off the rock diving board I can see why.

I made Maisie get up before the sun come up see it rise and take a swim in its glow. On our way down we was pleasantly surprised about how many people are around at 4:40 in the morning, many of them young people coming back from a nightclub, but there was also a few coffee spots and bakeries open, the whole culture over here is so nice and relaxed, theres no rush to get your day done and out the way, more of a sit back and enjoy it vibe.

Some random traveling group of friends which join us for an early morning swim supplied some great humour with belly flops and banter.I really enjoy encounters like this, it feels like fun and human socialising at its purest.

Despite my ever growing sea sickness, we hired a small Yacht to sail around the nearby islands, dipping in caves where seals had recently given birth and some of the most remote beaches I have been on, such a great experience I appreciated when back on land.


  • ~ Marmita

  • ~ Bourtzi was the one for lunch and late night social drinks. Lastly our hotel restaurant was top quality all day. Crazy Cow Wine Bar Restaurant

  • ~Last tip, I would fully recommend renting a Moped to explore the small island, you might just come across a herd of sheep like us.

One last good by to my favourite feature of this place (The board in the sea) and our favourite snacking/drink spot just above it looking out to sea.

Skiathos truly treated us well, Thank you.