I started this project years ago but it never made it to the light of day after a few hiccup's and misguidance. I set upon asking a group of close friends who happen to be incredibly talented, about the root, to there creativity, who taught them, who encouraged them to think differently and most importantly to create.Many had phrases passed down from family members and stories that reflect majorly in there work today, it was not till after the first three that I started to recognise patterns of routines, thoughts or ways of tackling goals.I should really resist this and lift it in to something more substantial, but for now heres some clips to give an insight.

Chris is the closest I have come to seeing a brain connected to pencil, his process of drawing is so fluid and fearless it strikes base with your brain straight away. Bold shape and pattern have grown to be the key of his movement, as clear the way we relate the colour blue with the sea and sky, his shapes resinate in form of story. His background as you hear in the short clip, sounds incredibly interesting and you can't help but imagine the image's he has seen come to life.


Old school, Tradition are things to be very proud of, Clark Orr's work is the rock to where people aspire. His work has such a organic build to it, you presume it should of existed or did before he put the pen to paper. In our chat, he spoke about how his father a Traditional sign painter, brought him up by the craft and used a series of quotes to help him reflect and elevate his art.


To be creative is to impact a persons life, I have met many illustrators, designers etc and although their skill set my be prim and proper, there is a soul and impact missing which makes them something to really admire. John, as many people will tell you, has time for everyone, but not just spending time, but a very conscious moment where he can bring your spirits high and your laughing cheeks higher. One of the strangest, kind and imaginative people I have had the pleasure of calling a close friend tells a story spoon fed comedy by his parents and surroundings.


The plan was to take this aesthetic and roll it out with a number of creative souls spotted around the world, for now its sitting on the shelf but I wanted to delver something on it rather than it sitting stale. A recently learnt lesson from Seth Godin is to always Ship your work, get it out.

~ Tara