With bizarre surroundings or tricky situations; it will open up so many doors for your future, many you could never see or think of from sitting at home.

Taking to the sky, Myself, Maisie and joining us this time Jemma, first we had a date at one of our best friends wedding, located just out of NYC, which of course left our faces hurting from smiling and laugh so much. Real nice firstly to stand by one of my best friends while he takes the next big step in his life but also to just experience how things run on there big day.Being lucky enough to get to travel a lot! Although airplane food and waiting in airports can get tedious, the people you meet and the places you get to see will forever triumph.

After partying for well over 24 hours, we jumped in an Uber and hit the city up, staying in an air bnb in East village. Strangely out of all the places we choose, we stroll down the stairs ready to explore and bump in to our friend Stebs, who was staying over a friends flat 2 floors below. – Stebs is one positive soul that creates real impressive visuals you can see his immaculate story telling, ~ link here

With Maisie and Jemma, I know most of our time in NYC would be walking from food spot to food spot, I’m cool with that.

Top spots

Hamilton’s Luncheonette Soda Fountain bar

This was a blast from the past, cream soda and pretty much every other flavour they served tasted like liquid heaven. The aesthetic of the shop and service was all on point.

Tompkins Square Bagels

After getting drunk on the fumes of fresh bagels being cooked, the selection they have on offer here is better ikea's furniture selection, even catering for the Gluten Free.


Theres a few Tacombi spots, we hit up the Fonda Lolita location on 267 Elizabeth Street, New York NY 10012. Top quality setting, food and drinks.. what else can you ask for then great Mexican food.


The Moma is always on my radar if the time comes up I will do my best to visit.

When I’m ever in town, I try to meet up with friends who live in town, this time we caught up with Poosh, who had a secret up his sleeve. Keeping the whole plan very bleak we made are way over the …rail top thing.. met Poosh at the front of a line of people awaiting to enter what looked like a hotel. We got escorted in by staff all what felt like a real hotel, we had entered the world of immersive theater, no idea where the real and the theater started the night took my brain off my body. 

After a lift experience which I can’t describe we was sharing drinks in a fully fitted 50’s style bar amazing singers, bartenders and .. of the hotel with the others before heading off in another lift and being left on a floor on my own to wonder a whole other world, from woods to streets that looked like jack the ripper times, most probably one of the strangest being a miniature igloo where the immersive side of the theatre hit a high, wow, no I wasn’t tripping, this place is real. I won’t resight the whole event as I fully recommend everyone to try something like this and go with a fully unaware and open mind. 

The night was run by SleepNoMore

After stocking up on bagels and recovering from the long nights of karaoke and living in a film like world we parted ways with Jemma and hit up Boston to catch up with some of our closest.Boston holds a lot of my greatest friends and some serious great memories, its a humble feeling when you travel miles across the world and can wonder the streets and bump in to friends. The weather blessed us so we could wonder the city before stuffing our faces with korean food and dancing till our bodies dehydrated demanding midnight ramen.As a added bonus Halloween was creeping up on us while we was over, as I’m sure you all know american’s are known for going all out on there holidays, streets covered with fake cob webs, scare huts set up like this guy playing tricks on all those who walked past, love this spirit of people, out to make other smile.

Still so much love for Boston.

All in all, the trip was another huge tick on new experiences and some truly one of a kind memories with friends, its not everyday you get to stand next to one of your best friends while he marries, go spot to spot eating some of the best treats in NYC and hanging on roof tops with your closest.

Till next time