Fly To Beijing To See The Talent


Jamal asked me to come Beijing with him to lend a hand on capturing an adventure – I said yes of course.

Landing in an ocean of smog, I could not believe my eyes, I have herd a lot about the air in Beijing when the weathers bad, but this was nuts.


Between meeting up with the talent in Beijing for the film, we got to visit some of the wonders you think of when hearing the word China.

First we come pass this strange bowl of fruit on the way to the Great wall. Driving to a part of the wall further away from the city was one of the best bits of advice we got, prior the trip, it was pretty much empty for us to roam, fully recommended.

I thought it would be a good while till I got to visit china, let alone go to the Great Wall. After taking a squeaky ski lift up and over the tree’s while Jamal repeatedly asked me to sit still as it swung over the tree tops. We touched down on the wall, we all looked out and… wow, it is truly beautiful.

Seeing the wall really put my faith back in being amazed with this place, after struggling to see the other side of the street in thick fog and seeing nothing by high risers in the main of the city, finally looking out to what I envisioned to be true china was a real treat.


In true tradition, for are next stop we went to the forbidden city and ended up getting lost for far to long, this place is a true maze with a crazy history, serving for nearly 500 years as the home of emperors it holds a few tales.The longer we stayed in china, the further we got to delve in to the real culture.


Hitting up some local hot spots we caught people eating the strangest things, from birds on sticks, toads on sticks and live scorpions on sticks I can't say it left me feeling hungry, but it was a real treat to see this street side of Beijing….on a stick.

Some other wonders that caught my eye, people, bikes and other things for you to take a peek at.

After a rush of adventure, it was time to pack up and head home.