Instagram is one of the most interesting platforms I have witness come in to fruition, bringing a whole new perspective to photography, people who would have never followed a path to taking photos of video are finding themselves so naturally swayed by the way technology has evolved with every phone taking a picture well worth having.

I do my best to meet new people as much as I can, after a few discussions on Instagram between myself and Emmanuel (@EcolePhoto 140k plus followers) we decided to meet up.

Just as I imagined he was super relaxed interested in sharing stories and just enjoyed being there in the moment, walking the streets with the camera in hand, looking and waiting for that something that connects.


We wondered around talking about what his day to day is, what he did before and whats next. There isn't any formula to gathering a great following and sometimes it all most feels random but there are definitely some connections/similarities to those who I have met.

There constant drive to produce content, and doing it naturally confident and continuous. The other thing is having a great base of contacts or friends that they can bounce ideas on or just join in practicing there craft, lastly Its your character, being able to get your personal reflection in the way you work, connect and communicate.

A few days later we hung out again, I had a few people I wanted to introduce Emmanuel to and hear about his recent projects which had sprung from his instagram, including a 6 week tour around Europe with a shoe brand.

Always a pleasure hanging with this dude, I really enjoy his pure persistence to keep shooting.

See Emmanuel's work on Instagram or his Site.


Toodle Pip