A few hours drive away from London can feel like a whole different country. A few friends and I took to Bournemouth for the weekend to eat fish and chips and wander the beaches.

Every time I go to a British seaside town it just makes me think of Quadrophenia (if you haven’t seen it, you should). The film tells some great stories about old British culture of Mods and Rockers. The Mods are still about but a lot more chilled out and mostly middle age. My dad used to tell me stories of some of the things he got up to back in the days of being a Mod, travelling up and down the country on his vespa.

I don't normally thrive when shooting by the sea side, but this time round I couldn't help but keep relating to things and shooting them. This shot of nate is probably my favourite of the trip, really dig the way everything sinks in to the pale sand and sea other then these few industrial pipes and the strong silhouette to add scale.


Great to get away even if its for a weekend and a short drive away, clear your thoughts and see something new.


Toodle Pip