A study of transparency

and connection



Contemporary artist whose work explores themes of transparency, curiosity and connection.

Through a variety of mediums and a family of characters, Suffoca celebrates inquisitiveness – exploring the ways that we connect with one another and the world around us.

Using transparency and translucency as a visual metaphor for the openness and vulnerability that is required to make strong connections, Suffoca’s work invites you to consider the ways that we can accomplish deeper, more meaningful connections in an ever-evolving world.




Using a collection of characters, Suffoca tells stories.

Over a 15 year history, the core family of Suffoca characters have become an integral part of the storytelling and creative process. They are the art, but they also observe, narrate and interact with it.

Storytelling and sharing meaningful moments with others is something that has always been cherished by Suffoca because this is where they believe the most meaningful connections can be found.

Exploring the possibilities of blockchain and the technology behind it, a fascination with this fast-growing space has evolved.

Suffoca believes this is where opportunities to augment the creation of art, redefine the notion of ownership and encourage connection with collectors and creatives alike lies.

Come along on this constantly evolving process that is Suffoca.

See you on soon.

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