Opportunity By Experience


When I first started working as a freelancer, It felt like opportunity was rarely given to those starting out. If only I could work on this, or have budget to do so… Rather than waiting for others to present me with an opportunity, I started to offer my experience as opportunity for others.

A pay-less trip to Paris to film an interview and shoot stills slowly got the ball rolling on one of my strongest brand relationships to date. Don’t let ego box you out! Adapt, grow and work the process.

NYC scenes while filming projects with Bradley Theodore and then Jeff staple and Bobbito Garcia ~ topped off with rooftop vibes with yopoosh ✨

This was my second time filming with Bradley and it was great to catch up, we met at secret bar and mid way through chatting I looked to the side of the wall and saw one of my photos from a Bastille shoot hanging on the wall.. well well well ~ that was odd and flattering.

Caught up with Jeff Staple to put this piece together for Puma. Always coming in with the wisdom and energy to keep going.

Also caught Bobbito Garcia too! Not sure how many times I have filmed with Bobbito now, but every-time I am in awe of the stories he tells about history and just the clarity he has of how it all of what is going on now fits together.

NOTE * Breakfast in NYC ~ Rubys and The Butchers Daughter

(no pictures, as I always eat it in excitement)

No trip is complete without a catch up with a close friend and top add the cherry, a special spot to watch the fourth of July fireworks from. I have never actually been in the U.S for fourth of July before, so this was a real treat and what a first one.

As always, a total pleasure NYC,

look forward to seeing you soon.

~ Ta-ra