Bobby and Ben, plus a small crew of The Hundreds hit up London for a couple of days, We bumped heads for the afternoon always great to catch up and meet some new faces.I have always enjoyed showing people the city, things they might have never herd of or seen, or just something that will entertain.

It’s the live version of story telling.



BMO was actually the first real connection to The Hundreds for me, we met up over dinner one afternoon and the night was such a laugh, we ended up chatting an becomings good pals, although he travels more then most air hostess’s so hang out time is valued high.

Adam and a few of us took turns leading the journey in and around the city from food spots to some of the best shops and hang out locations.

Adam showing off his home brew to everyone.

My favourite thing about big hangouts like these, is that alot of people have the best interests out ready to chat and thrive off each others hunger to learn and create.

Although my time hanging out was short as I had to pack up to fly in the morning, it was a complete pleasure to share the laughs with all these guys.

Till next time!