All things are difficult before they are easy, a little bird once told me..

Prosper, the superhero dreamer of the crew. His identity is hidden, while his painted city pieces hypnotise you, your eyes feel heavy and your legs strain to lift your shoes, this an announcement is by only 1 view, your free to take the risks you please, plunge in to the dreams of your dreams, make what you want come true, work beyond your limits and keep your head afloat and remember these words Propser wrote, The best preparation for achieving your dreams tomorrow, is to start achieving today.

Bean paints are the most useful of all, perfect for a Suffoca tribute across a city wall, paints set up from a colour blind creator, bold and gradient to make the piece visually greater, once set in stone thats were they stay, till passers by wander away and in there brains these messages sit, a Suffoca victory as they google it.