Here we are, the latest collectables to be added to the shop. Its taken a while as it always does but never the less I put 100% in to everything, here’s a short movie showing the new collection. To see the Lookbook head over to the Shop and click the Lookbook image located on the left hand side.

This new collection shows the whole movement from where the brand started and how far I’ve been able to push it with with the support of each and every one of you.

The first piece, “Living in the big smoke” shows off the history of where I run Suffoca (London), the history of this city is something I cant get enough of. I used the the common name BigSmoke which come around from the 1952 GreatSmog of London, when a massive dense cloud of pollution from coal and cold weather hung over the city which stuck around for 5 days, this strange smog had a huge impact and the story really stuck with me. (if you search Great Smog, you will find some amazing photos of the London)

I then revisted an old design, the Suffoca S logo hoodie which I released a good year a so ago and went about reinventing it in to a classic. I drained the inside out and redrew the outline bold to really stand out on a black shirt, also bringing this shirt forward it’s been made a fully customized Suffoca template which I have been refining for the past year.

Also in this release is an on-going story with the two characters featured in the collaboration with Dres13, the first part was released last year. I’m a huge fan of Dres13‘s work and collaborating with him is something I always get super excited for, his defiantly an inspiration to me and we both support each others work. I think the story in this piece really represents it well.

I was also lucky enough to take on another collaboration with Matthew Skiff which i go through the process and story in the preview post. (Hooked)

The big key piece in this collection for me is defiantly the newest venture in to fully custom products, I’ve been sketching ideas this hoodie for months, changing little details and really thinking over the full use of a hoodie. I knew i wanted to work with some embroidery as its something i haven’t been able to really do, also working with my favorite contrasting colours black/heather grey/blue.

So here it is the “Silhouette Hoodie” the main feature on this hoodie which really shows my own thinking process is the added pockets,i added these on top of your normal kangroo pockets, to add your phone/wallet/keys/pens anything you want so they dont fall out while skating,riding,running etc, they run separate to the other pockets so you don’t have them hitting your hands, this is the first as far as i know for this type of pocket to be placed on a hoodie. To finish the whole hoodie off, the inside is lined with super soft cotton so there’s no cut ends,backside to embroidery to rub against your skin.

There are also some other new products too which ill let you discover on your own and a good hand full of details which im sure you will like. Ill be posting some more of the details through out the week, with some more story too the products.