Its funny the people we meet, when wandering on our own two feet.
Giles and I decided to take a day to hangout and wander around in Sun covered London. Before even meeting up, I bumped into Griz on his way to meet up with his friend Matthew at Murdock’s in Liberty to get his face garden trimmed to precision. Its the first time I have ever properly seen someone get their beard trimmed so I thought I would take a peek whilst hearing about Griz’s new adventures and experiences with his new job.
After a quick hello to Mikey at JC London, Giles and I filled up our stomachs at one of my favourite mexican spots before heading over to the Grant Museum Zoology.  Giles_Suffoca
One of the first things you are greeted by when walking in, is this “Jar of Moles” I’m pretty sure the name is just as impressive as the idea, it set a standard for the next hour wandering around what felt like a potions class room in Hogwarts. Take a look for yourself.
The Seal and Rabbit had me in awe, I still cant really work out why its so fascinating but it really pulls you in.
This place is a goldmine for the weird and wonderful, the idea that they are adopted too really made me chuckle, I had a vision of someone walking their jar round the park. We then came across this micro slide light room, which I’m sure you’ll agree looks awesome, you can tell by the huge smile on Giles‘s face…..
Giles is definitely one of the many friends that I show off, he’s got a rad personality and your bound to learn a thing or two when hanging out. With the release of the new Suffoca site, he shall be taking a place on the team and you will be able to follow his footsteps on here, for now he already has a sweet Tumblr you can track him on an his Instagram, more on the Suffoca Team later.
Grant Museum of Zoology
Next up after a short coffee chat with Alex, we set off to see our good friend Timba’s private opening of his show with Gordon, Not For Rental.
Timba’s show is currently running now, with new release’s being unveiled each day. The 13th is the big day when you can go purchase the art for yourself, with proceeds going to two great charities.
The whole idea behind this show is great, I wont explain it here as their site does it so well with some serious eye candy, go check it out Not For Rental. Here’s a few gems which caught my eye, see if you can guess what movies there from.
Leaving on a high and taking the smell of popcorn with us, we set off to explore some more heading south of the river.
Taking in our surroundings whilst talking through ideas, ambitions and risks we have and are taking. This was exactly what I needed to get my head back on track to finish up the new Suffoca site and production. Due to some unavoidable problems the new release’s have been set back slightly, but the way Suffoca runs is not set on top of trends but setting up timeless unique collectables which become staple pieces of your lifes.
Till next time.