I just woke up and one day knew..

So here the latest collectables to hit the Suffoca store, they have been in the works for a while. Its a small but strong collection to myself and hopefully for those who relate too.

Based around some family/childhood memories each product represents a story e.g. The Suffoca coin holder : when i was a kid other then going to school and drawing all i would do is skate from morning to night, watching skate movies, looking at all the companies and skaters it was on my mind 247. One of the first products i was ever brought other then my skateboard was a Spitfire coin holder which i never let go of and still have to this day 11 or so years later, it makes so much sense to have a small wallet as durable as your body, so bringing back all the memories of skating around with it i wanted to make my own and i couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

The wishbone shirt is the reminder of all the times after dinner me & my sister’s would get excited to break the wishbone to see who would get to make a wish, i would try and train my littler finger to be strong enough to win but it didn’t seem to work, i guess its all down to luck.

You might be wondering who this bright yellow guy is, well his name is Wilfred and his a relative of Beanman, his story will be played out over the next couple of weeks, so sit back and enjoy as its a real treat.