Wilfred just isn’t like you and me,
(Though you can tell he’s part of Beanman Family)
He’s a secret or an untold tale, I guess you could say,
And so here is his story for you to take away –
To share and to make his existence mean more,
Otherwise what good’s an existence? You’ll agree, I am sure…

From the first glance, you can see he’s bright yellow, (something quite different from the rest of the gang – they say that it’s from his obsession with eating bananas and obscured amounts of butter and jam. His backgrounds are hidden in the woods, where he lived mainly alone. I say mainly alone because he sometimes talks to the animals. I suppose he must have picked it up from an old tribe or Hogwarts student. Some say that he looks like a carrot, or a rabbit mixed with a sock. In actual fact he is just a Wilfred and they are very uncommon so you should appreciate his appearance a lot. With his drowsy complexion and laid-back attitude it is no surprise that he’s easy to lose, so in tales you may hear of him hidden in a pocket or stretched out in a shoe.

You may never see a Wilfred ever again. As I have said, they are very rare, so treasure this memory to be shared for generations.