That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.

Of course I couldn’t leave the states with out popping by Disney and Universal, two places which continuously inspire generation’s. I still get far to excited going these places, I could spend days wandering around going on rides, looking at fake buildings and roaming through there mountain of products. As Walt said himself “let the memories begin” and some of my best are at these place’s hanging with friends, they have a truly unique experience for everyone.

I could live off these.

Clarks dad designed this little number above.

Had butter beer flowing out are ears at Hogwarts.

From the whole trip in the state’s, I have come up with so many ideas, learnt a lot about creating an experience, customer interaction, branding and just how make some awesome memories to share. Now its time to put the note’s in to action and apply it to Suffoca, Im super excited to what we have coming up and shall be opening the doors to sketchbooks, some of the ideas what the future holds for Suffoca and the characters.

Clark (pot) Orr and Edison, thanks for another amazing trip.