Japan so far has already exceeded all of my expectations, and as I ventured further down, it just kept surprising me with things I had never seen or experienced before.

“Adventure is worthwhile.” – Aesop

Traveling opens you up to so much, just make sure you’re ready to try something new and out of the ordinary.


Next stop – OSAKA ::
We didn’t plan to have a lot of time here, using it more of a stop off point but we happened to cross it during Halloween, in the last few years Japan has really started to get in to holidays like Halloween and just as you imagine they went all in on the outfits.

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Nara ::
This place was wild. Just at the foot of Mount Wakakusa, it’s just like a dream – you can wander with deer while you chill in the park. You might get the odd one ramming you for some crackers, but other than that everything here is stunning.

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Not sure if it was my imagination playing tricks on me or if I experienced something spiritual, but this park, the Tōdai-ji Buddhist Temple and the wild deer just felt supernatural. Some say the Monks are reincarnated in to deer and that’s just what it felt like. The response you get from them is just bizarre. Google “bowing deer”…

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I was super chuffed we ventured over here. I came away feeling really positive and relaxed having experienced it all. Seeing people paying respect in an organic self-willing process was really enlightening.

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This place is incredible, I wouldn’t know how to explain the atmosphere here but it felt like stepping in to a house in the clouds.

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Tokyo Shibuya and Harrajuku::

For me, this felt like the heart of everything going on, showcasing some of the best shops and places to eat. It seems to have a bit of everything at an incredibly high standard.

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Although we were in what felt like a entirely different place, strange coincidences happen all over the world. When grabbing some ramen one afternoon, I got a little reminder of how small the world is.


While munching down on some ramen after failing to find a burger spot, surrounded only by Japanese locals, another Westerner walks in and gets seated next to me. My curiosity and need to continue to talk all the time got us chatting. Firstly, I found out we work in the same circles and have a few mutual friends. We then found out Kellen, the soon-before-stranger had met up with one of my best friends a week or so before. This pretty much blew my mind – what are the chances? We spoke for a few good minutes on our adventures round Tokyo, exchanged details, and I let Kellen enjoy his ramen in peace. It would be neat if something comes from that random encounter, I guess we will see, but it was real nice meeting you Kellen, hopefully catch you soon!

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This photo above, to me, shows so much of what I think Japan is about: Precision and work ethic.

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Japan has been the most inspirational place that I have ever visited, everything from building an experience, products, and the attention to detail in trades and crafts is so well thought out. The Japanese people’s continuous positivity, respect, and appreciation is something we all could definitely do with a bit more of.

It’s been the perfect boost to help me visualise and dream up a styled future for myself, personally and for Suffoca.

My last and only bit of advice, eat loads of Ramen!

I would like to thank my younger self for always wanting to go, for what ever reason that was.


A lot of things make me happy, great food, design, conversation, company and bundles more, but nothing more then seeing genuine people practice and exceed at there craft, Japan features an immense amount of focused, conscious crafts men.

Till next time, and there will be one Japan!

Toodle Pip