Sometimes you need to take a departure from what you do to something that’s slightly different in order to get inspiration.
Throughout the birth and growth of the Suffoca brand, I’ve found that a lot of people, whether it’s in interviews or conversation, will ask you what your inspiration is and, as I’m sure you’ll have realised for yourselves, this very rarely comes from a single thing.

I have collected different images for years. I used to rip out pictures, adverts from anywhere and everywhere and collect knick-knacks that I’d lay out in a scrap book to help give me that kick start you sometimes need when approaching a blank canvas or piece of paper without a solid concept in place. It’s strange, and wonderful, what effects collecting attractive imagery can have and it’s on this experience that sites like Tumblr and Pinterest have built themselves up on. The effects can really boost your confidence, structure your ideas and even make you feel happier overall!

I’m all for positive intervention. Being happy and positive will have a knock-on effect in everything you do and lead on to more happiness or success as you see it.
After watching a series of Aaron Draplin talks, it’s clear how much sharing your findings and knowledge can have an effect on others and which can then come back to help you out in many ways, if you’re lucky.

Therefore I’ve decided to start opening up my collections of inspiration, maybe in a traditional mood-board layout or maybe even by featuring different artists and people that inspire me. With any luck these things will give you some great ideas as they have done for me.