Working freelance or running your own business leaves only yourself in charge of changing things up and when to refill the head with a fresh batch of inspiration or experiences. To help your creative processes grow, from personal experience, and as I’m sure I have said before, travel and meeting new people is key.

There’s no growth or success without change/ Stay hungry, Stay foolish.


Dubai The Honey Pot

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This was my first visit to Dubai, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, It pretty fascinating. I still can’t believe how vast this place is, since its existence is so new. Here are some of the visuals of the city and experiences that really stuck in my head.

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As many of you know, Dubai hosts the tallest building in the world, which at no surprise has a pretty crazy view as the desert sun pierces through everything casting shadows for what seems like miles. The Burj Khalifa also some how sometimes casts a shadow in the sky, which pretty much blew my mind.

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The more you explore, the more you see of this crazy wealth, sports car after sports car, malls full to floor to ceiling luxury brands, it is clearly a playground for the super-rich but definitely with an open hand for everyone to come and see.

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I think one of the strangest things that shines through Dubai, is that its a culture that has been catapulted in to the current times but not with out taking on every possible child dream that you could have, with super cars at every corner, petrol cheaper then water and a lifestyle that makes you feel like you just won the lottery while the sun smothers you feeding that vitamin D.

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Dubai, you was serious fun, a great way to start the new year, thanks for creating a playground.

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