Theres a new addition to the store, the first of a selection of die cut stickers with hopefully many more to come. The first characters to be chosen were Beanman of course and bloom from beanfriends, there available in the shop now.

As i said in the previous post here is an insight on the Dres13 Collab. I had known that i wanted to follow up on the sellout design which myself and Dres13 worked on before, we wanted to take the characters on a new adventure together and show something from are backgrounds as the whole collection was showing journey of the brand so far. So with are shared background in streetart and a common interest  in wheat pasting, the idea for the t-shirt design came about.

We had an idea of what sort of style we wanted but we didn’t have a message, we then both got caught up in other work, preparing gallery shows and all the other things which go in to a brand, then looking over the collaboration with a fresh pair of eyes we decided on pushing the message of being independent artist’s, pushing to stay on top of the things we love to do.

After months of working on these new collectables, im real happy with the outcome and it seems to be going down well, the response already has been amazing. I couldn’t resist a quick break out in the sun on the board with some friends.