Due to our update in database’s and some shuffling of hosting we lost previous posts of Suffoca, so for now our story starts here.

We set off to Bright a tradeshow with a more relaxed vibe compared to the previous Bread And Butter but with a strong skate feel which i was really looking forward too. Set in what looks like an old school, i wondered the class’s bumping in to a great bunch of brands, also stumbling across a few which havent spread there light on the uk yet but have some seriously fine products waving about later this year. I shot mostly video which im going to edit up at the end of the trip, but here a few snaps : This Barry McGee snap back was right up my street, recently got hold of his T.H.R book too, a real nice insight on his work.

As you all already know, im a tea fan and this carhartt & lovenskate collab was a nice mix of the right ingredients, it has a sweet tea pot with a skull hand wrapped round it with the collection too.

The detailed embroidered back on this obey really stuck with me for the reason of it being a nice simple idea which works really well, plus from what i’ve seen the obey bags seem to be designed very well and the choice of fabrics kind of remind me of the 1940’s war bags iv seen in museums and films, pretty cool.

After mingling, we popped over to Firmament which had an amazing jacket collab in with Stone Island, some inspiring stuff. To top the night off, we wondered over to the All Gone 2010 book launch which after seeing last years video made us all excited to see what it had to offer and it did not disappoint. After taking the lift up 9 flights and entering what felt like a secret room full of some of the best inspirational pieces you could get your hands on from 2010, my mouth started to water and to put the icing on the cake we stroll through to see Jeff Staple djing away.

It felt all a bit dreamy with the lights changing colours gradually, to products you pretty much only ever hear about due to them being snapped up in the blink of an eye, the other guys posted up some more shots at The Daily Street if you want to see some more on the book launch, or you can wait till i edit up the video.

And this time there was a floating set of shoes.

Toodle Pip