I finally got to watch The Kings Speech, there’s been alot of scoop round the film and friends had been telling me to set my eyes on it for a while because it would be right up my street. So i did.

While watching it i couldn’t help but keep getting blown away from the cinematography and shots in this film, it just kept throwing scene after scene of these what looked like perfect styled settings. I didn’t learn much history at school but i would say i have strong intrest in British history now, specially around the second world war, so this was like a sweet shop of history for me.

These photo’s do it no justice but i wanted you to have something to picture while reading. After watching the film i noticed there was a documentary on 4OD (only available in england/sorry), which talked and showed you real footage, plus more background in to what King George VI went through and how he got through it with the help of Lionel_Logue, both real interesting characters if you read up on them.