Feast your eyes on the first of the hopefully many customer – Suffoca collaborations.

I have been wanting to get you guys more involved and wrapped up in Suffoca stories. So i started speaking to two really talented customers who do what they love, other then bmxing and hanging out, they capture good times in video and photo. We decided they would produce a short piece for the site to introduce them to you all.

First off is Sean, who stumbled across the brand while a friend was wearing a updated version of one of the first prints I ever produced Suffoca Pops, he then went on to wonder the site and start his own Suffoca collection. I often look in to Suffoca’s supporters websites and projects and when I saw Seans work i was really impressed, so it was only natural to have him as one of the first to take on a Suffoca project.

I have planed for a new section on the site which shall be added with several other updates which will be the platform were all these interactions, process and outcomes will be shown with some other neat treats.

One neat fact about Sean:
He has no sense of smell, never has, so you can feel free to let your bowel blow when your hanging out with him.

You can check out his other work at his Site, Vimeo or you can follow his shenanigans on Twitter.