Following up on the stories & details behind the latest collectables, the Silhouette Hoodieis next in line. This is easily the longest I have spent on a product, I’ve had the idea in my head to make the base of this hoodie for nearly a year. It started as a scribble in my book and as many of you know cut & sew products for independent brands is quite a risk, but as i have learnt from those around me life is all about taking risks.

The first sketches I put down for the hoodie have a number of differences to the final production after sampling and trial & error. This is defiantly a process you don’t want to rush and it takes a lot of work to produce, from fabric, sizing, weights, stitching, cuts, then you have all the additional details, embroidery, labels and linings. Im really proud of this product, it feels very unique to Suffoca, like a real personal reflection of the brand and im glad to see its going down well.