Time spent laughing is time well spent.

My good friends John and Chris come to stay over, firstly to close the Johnny Cupcakes London store since its lease was up, secondly have some serious hang outs and in what time we had a little adventure or too. Above’s the video piece we put together to say goodbye to the location.

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Although the idea of shutting a shop sounds sad, it was pretty exciting, the freedom it would give the company is worth it, to just change things up, need to keep that evolving wheel going. Plus if it means I get to hang out with two of my best pals for a good week thats just a double bonus.

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Next we hit up Cambridge

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We popped our heads in to see the guys at Dogfish and Seven Wolves before taking in some more of the traditional sides of Cambridge.

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Back to the city

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My memory has gone blank as to what else we got up to or talked about, so visuals will have to do.

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Always a pleasure hanging with these guys

Toodle Pip