When Time Is Spent, Eternity Begins.

It happens to a lot of us, we find ourselves sometimes lost and unknown where to go next. While we work full steam with our heads down moving forwards, its later on when we regain consciousness and realise we are still lost just further down the line.

This was what happened to me, A year or so ago I was not to sure where to take Suffoca, although it was prospering, I was lost, heading somewhere I wasn’t really that bothered about being so it was time to press pause.

Time away gave me space to look around the ideas I had, evolve them, ditch and invent new ones that had a natural base to them, something I could look back on and enjoy. Let’s be honest, there’s no mad rush for mediocre product to be pushed out in the world, it was time to really dig in and create something with a true Suffoca essence. A product that Lives in moments, not time.

In that time I reached out, progressed my social connections and jumped sidewards, applying myself fully to a craft, in which I would listen and learn about those who know who they are, and where there going. The main thing I learnt was, a goal is not the end destination, we all need to constantly progress through success and failure, the goal is more of a stepping stone, a placement you set out and achieve, then jump on to the next.

Fixing the site up to reflect this new found base was key, Imagery has always been the forefront of my story telling and it needed a better presentation, I feel like now I have the right build to feed out my thoughts. So delve in to the past while I continue you update you with the present and future.


Sometimes, in the rush for more, we get confused about what better means, and how attainable it is. – Seth Godin

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