I always imagined the future to look a bit like a fairground.

A dream is the creative vision for your future.

A friend who can teach you to be a better you is the best kind.

It hardly feels real, the same people who inspire me to push my work and constantly surprise me with there know-how are my close friends, listening to my mumbles and giving me some of the greatest gifts.

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Goodness is about character

I believe you are meant to meet certain people through your life that influence you. @ramirez_247 ranks high as one of the kindest people I have met, talented and so well minded he is an inspiration to being a farther and friend, plus his not bad on a bike.

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Read up

The search for a clear mind is one of the fundamental goals of creative people, but the route each one of us travels to get there is unmarked.

Im a slow reader when it comes to books, but I recently finished ‘Creativity Inc’ by Ed Catmull. Some of his thoughts and his mindset of approaching problems, were brand new to me and inspiring to say the least. Educating yourself can flip your views, helping you understand to solve problems or prevent them. Thanks for the tips Ed

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Every successful individual knows that their achievement depends on the support of others. You can choose to be part of the build or watch as the walls build up.

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I rarely shoot in actually film for stills, I wasn’t ever taught how to use a camera so after getting my heads round a DSLR, a traditional film camera is still complete curiosity to me.

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Inspiration can sometimes be very visual in the outcome, ha.

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It doesn’t matter so much where you go, but who you go with that makes a good night. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy watching fireworks, this was another great night with great company.

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