Although it looks all fun , there is still work to be done, which, of course when its Suffoca, it’s still fun!
Whilst on all these recent adventures and in-between, I have been working on getting a whole new level of Suffoca products ready for release. There will also be a brand new website! We are adding in lots of awesome new features which will allow you guys to get a lot more involved and keep updated a lot easier than before.
I am super happy with these Chenille patches and, although they took me some serious time to track down a trusty producer, it was well worth the search. On the way I learnt a bunch about the process and  do’s and don’ts, which is always handy when you’re trying out something new!
Samples are essential, and even more with the new product range. It would be easy to use a ready-made template from a wholesale company, but I wanted to give you guys a individual tailored product, custom-designed, that will be great quality and different from what is out in the high street – which after all, is what we’re all about!

Over-sized toys, tshirt packaging and bundles of joy!
I have been toying with the idea of working on a unique Suffoca packing for a while now. I really wanted it to reflect the brand, while also adding more of a story to our products.
A good few months ago while playing with the latest collection, I came up with this idea of a giant topper to seal the packaging, just like you get on older, vintage toys. The aesthetic idea really sat well with the latest stronger designs and product. Once playing around with some design ideas it was clear this was going to be a key piece of eye candy for the new collection and I think it fits the collection perfectly, giving us space to excite the mind with strange obscure sized packing, and a chance to do what we do best by adding in some great little details.
The large toy look and feel is really nostalgic for me. I want you guys to feel as excited as you did as a kid when you found a toy in your cereal box or in a kinder egg when you get one of our products! Keep your eyes peeled when you receive your collectables through the post – there are lots of hidden details that we can’t wait for you to find!