Onwards and upwards.

The tastiest inedible treat you can get from Fast Food, the Suffoca Royal Bite collectable.
One of my  jobs as a teenager was working in Burger King, not only frying up all kinds of fast food treats but passing the time with friends, making pac man game scenes out of cheese and seeing what ridiculous sized  burgers and mixes of ingredients we could make and eat without slipping into a food coma.

In the beginning and early days of Suffoca I started designing T-shirts for bands. A lot of band shirts, as you know, are spoofs of well known logos and phrases and this is something I have yet to do with Suffoca and because of my previous adventure with Burger King, The Royal Bite seemed fitting.

Printed on the back is Carny masquerading as the Hamburglar, as well as all the usual little details that we work into our collectables. The best burger I have ever eaten, to my memory, is most probably at Byron with the burger crew. What’s yours?