While over in berlin i couldn’t resist a little video snap of each place we visited, theres a few missing out but this gives a good insight to whats we got up to, from trade shows to special events and wonders in the city.

Following the last two trade show’s we made are last stop over at Premium, which was probably the smallest of the three but the brands inside sure did throw a punch, with some sweet looking collabs between Stussy & Fred Perry to brands i havent had the pleasure of hearing about, while wondering around i started thinking over everything i had seen and the three shows we attended left a real good mix of right and wrong in my head. So just like this guy, i couldn’t reach my notepad quick enough to write some inspired ideas down.

After Premium we had a quick last visit to Bread And Butter to get some last sniffs then off we set for a night with Lacoste.

We got invited to dinner to meet the whole gang and some other new face’s, while TheDailyStreet guys interviewed TheCobraSnake i got to know some of the talent behind Lacoste, and what a pleasant bunch they were, they were trying to convince to me to come to Paris to just see the city, it doesn’t sound such a bad idea to me. While at the table i also got to speak to some girls from Vice and Alix who runs a well known blog called TheCheeryBlossomGirl, she has a ton of great photography on her blog and if your a lady im sure you’ll be right at home on her site.

The night ended in a photoshoot / party with cobrasnake running around snapping pictures of people in Lacoste and me dancing till my legs turnt to jelly, it was the perfect way to finish off an amazing trip.


Im real glad I jumped head first in to the fashion week at berlin and hope its not the last, now to take this bubbling mind and get creating.