I certainly admire people who do things.

The Wander print is not only one of my favourite pieces I have ever created, but it also has a lot of great meaning behind it. People often ask about my process of work, so below I will let you in on the very beginning of this piece to end.    

The designs themselves are a tribute to three of the biggest influencers on my work. Lewis Carroll, Dr Seuss and Walt Disney of course, so let me explain:

The Suffoca stories are all about the adventures of a group of characters, some of which are loosely based on the people around me, myself and my imagination. So what better way to do a tribute then wonder up what it would be like, if all three of these creators met up, what they think up, the stories they would tell and how their work reflected in themselves as real life characters.

So i took a look at the Suffoca crew and with some positioning i think i cracked it on the head. At the bottom of the front design is Glump, one of the most peculiar characters from the bunch with only one eye and a slight obsession with poems he is definitely a good match with Dr Seuss. Day dreaming on the top, probably of some sort of musical scene, where birds are wearing wet suits & dancing in the snow, is Carny who plays the great role of Lewis Carroll.

Then you might be thinking, what about Walt? well he sits on the back of the shirt, I was first tempted to have a character with a neat little moustache sitting on a book, (maybe ill save that for another time) instead i created a Suffoca silhouette of him to be a famous sidekick alike Mickey Mouse.

There are few other subtle details which reflect these characters, but ill leave that up to you to find.