Lets take a peek in to the latest collectables.
This collection was inspired by Hitchcock, I have always found him, his concepts and directing style fascinating!
Seeing Hitchcock’s silhouette, is like seeing a Shepard Fairey or a Warhol – as soon as you see the silhouette you know its him. A distinguishable silhouette is a make or break for a character, an icon in itself. In this collection I set out on helping the Suffoca characters find there own iconic traits, you will be able to see the characters have and are continuing to develop in the latest updates to the site and product.
– Suffoca Type Treatments –
Hitch – It’s been fun seeing the response to this shirt, some associate it with black flag, some with Hitchcock’s slate build style in Psycho. Being the first design I created in the new collection, It set the high standard of new graphic style.
Skull print – A solid portrait, taking the main two characters and headlining our key trades at Suffoca. Playing with a world-wide famous scene used across so many cartoons, from probably the most famous English poet, William Shakespeare.
Birds –  London is a roost for every bird.
Clubhouse – Originally designed to be a secret shirt, shared out to crew members and those who found out, this design took a leap to the front line last minute. Playing on a darker image, feeding from the silent film style, the design shows the bean man being open and releasing the story. Featuring Suffoca on the back sleeve’s it dips in to a film poster feel. You either make dust or eat dust.
Lost Long Sleeve – “All that mighty heart is lying still” Taken from historic figure William Wordsworth’s “Composed upon Westminster Bridge” The print shows the story of Bean and Carny about to adventure in to the centre of London.