Suffoca Pop Up [Giles Smith - CNV00019]

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When I heard Suffoca were hosting a pop up alongside friends of the brand, Swallows & Daggers, it didn’t take long for me to book a coach down to London for the weekend. Clothes, friends and fun are a combination not to be missed.
Suffoca Pop Up [Giles Smith - CNV00018]

Suffoca Pop Up Suffoca Pop Up [Giles Smith - CNV00020]

It was the perfect environment and timing in which to launch the latest Suffoca collection – loads of fresh new items, and a large amount of folks passing by each day. Sometimes the most interesting people are the ones you never expected to meet.
Suffoca Pop Up

Our buddies at The Daily Street were kind enough to support the shop, and on the Saturday we gave out hundreds of cupcakes from the lovely team at Crumbs & Doilies, and more than a few cups of tea courtesy of the leaf-mad folks at Tea Pigs all backed up by the amazing crafted bean cake and chocolate by Creightons. Warm hands and full bellies make winter days pass by a lot faster!Suffoca Pop Up Suffoca Pop Up

A busy shop doesn’t mean there’s not time for a bit of hide and seek. These two didn’t really put in much effort, though.Suffoca Pop Up Suffoca Pop Up [Giles Smith - CNV00029]

It was great to have so many folks pop by throughout the week – we got to rub shoulders with old friends and make a bunch of new pals too....and then the film ran out.

…and then my film ran out.


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