The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
The internet has opened up so many doors, windows and opportunity to us all; And I, for one have started taking full advantage of that! Being able to speak to anyone from around the world is something I have been doing for a while now and has led to some of the greatest adventures and friendships so far.
So with that in mind, I took Maisie for an adventure for her first time over to Berlin.
We stayed in a rad hotel called michelbergerhotel fully recommend it. It was like a childhood den made into a hotel room! Also if you visit this area stop by a breakfast/lunch spot called Nest for some awesome treats.
We saw some cool characters along the way! These guy’s looked super cool so I had grab a shot of them.
A while back me and John (JC) where roaming the internet late one night, and we wondered across the work of Pasquale
Fast forward a few years John & Pasquale ended up becoming good friends and working together to produce some rad JC content.
I was told when I end up meeting Pasquale the world would implode from all the made up words and conversations birthed from things that float in our heads. Well it seemed with our combined random travels off to different countries it has taken a good while for us to meet.
Its fair to say, we got on pretty well and our first encounter turned in to a fairly eventful night of chatting, wandering berlin and a handful of hours spent in a bizarre karaoke bar with a guy in a dress singing Eminem exceptionally well, before we all myself, Maisie, Pasquale and Saskia glued the microphones to our lips and made are way through the musical archives. Till next time.