Time is flying but memories living on.

So myself and Maisie have set off to the State’s, starting in Boston we are touring with good friends Johnny Cupcakes across the whole of America creating strange memorable experiences starting this weekend in New York.

Before setting off, we’ve taken time to catch up with some real good friends and stuff are mouths with american treats, we seem to be visiting pink berry daily.

Some neat chip packet design.

Lennard has eaten a truck load of eggs this week.

It’s been real nice being able to bounce some recent ideas, hear some friends future plans and upcoming projects, which has really given me a kick in the butt to crack on.

John has a picture of a horse smoking a cigar behind his desk.

Chris D made Beanman look super awesome on some paper.

Danny’s super power is positivity.

Orders are going out weekly by are bean’tern, so don’t miss out.