Im a big fan on London and one of my favoriate things to do is show friends around, no mater how many times i walk the same street, hang out at the same restaurant or venture off theres always something different and intriguing which catches my eye. The other day we headed down to borough food market and even though ive walked past it a good handful of times ive never stepped foot inside and i have defiantly been missing out.

The old structures reminded me of something out of Oliver twist, with the sun breaking throughthe gaps in the roof and at the ends of the tunnels made some real sights to see. The whole market was full of these overpowering smells of the food people were selling and cooking up, i brought a brownie and walked past a cheese shop and im pretty sure my brownie turnt in to a century old slice of cheese.

This little pig went to the ? well it seemed happy having its photo taken. These kind of markets and architecture buildings really make me feel at home in London after growing up watching endless storys of the old cobbled streets of London.