Beaten black n blue.

As promised, I’m going to be letting you in on the processes and stories behind the recently created collectables, starting off with the “Black n Blue” pocket T-Shirt. The idea for this shirt all started when I decided that I wanted to create a piece which represented Suffoca but without the story visibly printed, dyed or sewn on the front.

I was feeling pretty beaten at the time, with juggling more than a handful of life’s tests and it seemed to reflect in the characters too, so with the sketches of boxing gloves and socks violently flying in the air the idea for “Black n Blue”, as in beaten black and blue, got stuck in my head and later came to life.

Below shows a few snippets from a moodboard created for this piece.

I remember reading once in a Tim Burton interview that he always tries to wear stripey socks as they used to make him feel that his feet were firmly connected to the ground. I always thought this was a strange concept but grew to love and agree with it. So with my fondness for stripes, and during this period of growth for the Suffoca brand, I thought it would be a great time to show you that we also have our feet firmly on the ground and are going strong. Using the Suffoca colours and with help from all the characters and doodles from my sketchbook the “Black n Blue” piece was born and finished off with an encouraging message to keep in your pocket.