A few weeks back i got invited to go hang out with a great guy called Abdul over at Nike ID to put together some personalised Suffoca x Nike treats for myself and anyone else who wants to get in on it.

For such a big company its nice to see them really putting in effort to keep there service personal and unique to others. I was stoked to be asked to come in, i got taught the history of the brand and looked over load of different silhouettes talking out the purpose of each shoe, i ended up picking a the Airmax 6.90 for comfort and in my head its what i imagine when i hear the word nike.

The whole process was pretty simple it was just making up my mind which was the hard part! I was given a handfull selection of different materials and colours, i wanted to keep the shoe as close to Suffoca as i could, so i played on the website colours of Blue Black and Grey, if it was possible im sure i would of added a beanman or two hidden in the inside or sitting on the sole. Im real happy with the outcome and just want to say thanks for the chance to Nike & Abdul for sorting it out.