Boarding pass please.
Next stop, Ancona, Italy. Although I can’t say much about this project at the moment, here’s some eye candy…
Suffoca_Italy_02 Suffoca_Italy_03
This mozzarella filled tomato blew my mind.
On this trip I met Darryl, who is about to venture with his girlfriend over to the U.S.A to lend his creative skills to a company many dream of working for: Nike in Portland. I have yet to go to Portland but I know a few things about it… Mainly, (and of course!) The Goonies beach but little beyond that.
Darryl had just come back from there so the next few days were filled with rambling of stories from the States. Again, it’s great being able to meet a genuine, creative person – still going strong at their career, hang out with them and talk non-stop with, (which I apologise for! I did not shut up). It’s clear Darryl’s going on to great things for Nike. I wish you all the best dude and can’t wait to hangout again!Suffoca_Italy_06