It’s nice when you remember the important things in life, like just doing something memorable with friends exploring the world. I think alot of people say time flys as you get older because you focus on specific dates ahead for deadlines etc more, forgetting the day in hand. Work for each day and you’ll be able to make many more great memories with the people around you.

We planned out just such an adventure for my birthday, we travelled to the new forest to camp out for the weekend and explore. It sure does shock your head when you get out to places like this, just how therapeutic and peaceful it can be, getting away from a computer and just sitting by a fire with friends in the woods.

The weekend was full of extra bonus’s from the unplanned ferry to the isle of wight to the sudden pull off the road, to skate and watch the sunset, while horses ate up the ground. It was truly one of the best weekends in my memory so i wanted to share it and hopefully inspire some of you who may overwork yourself or waste time worrying to go out and camp with some friends.