It’s about the small things and being mindful of that


If you asked me 5 years ago, if I would like to go to a small island in the middle of the indian ocean, I would have probably said pass, what would I do there.


But here we are, the days to the new year are ticking by and I’m standing on a small island I can walk around in less then an hour, looking out in the sea while all sorts of creatures glide pass my feet.

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After a number of flights, including a sea plane we had made it. A whole different culture stranded on an island, It was time to kick the shoes off and relax.

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Rather then me ramble on about each and everything I got up to, here are the visuals.


It’s all in the mind, you just have to live with it


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On the edge of our port was this little tea house, I have got to say that was some of the best coffee and iced coffee’s I have ever had, with a view to match.

6K3A1164 DSC00894 DSC01226 DSC01180 DSC01179

I haven’t done much snorkelling, I still struggle with the breathing through a pipe underwater if I’m honest and Im pretty sure I don’t float, but anyhow, when we pulled up to this ship wreck, I was crazy excited to take a peek beneath the water, our boat driver said it was a Japanese fishing boat that hit the coral.

DSC00931 6K3A0977

With the tide revealing small spots of land in the middle of the sea, it was pretty obvious we should go stand on them.

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DSC01068 DSC01065

Island life

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DSC01153 DSC01156



Near the end of our trip, was got treated to something pretty out there, while out on a fishing/swimming trip we took our catch, jumped ship and set up dinner on a tiny island as sun set, what an experience.

DSC01277 DSC01306 DSC01304 DSC01320 6K3A1009

Our island had fruit bats flying around day and night which I found crazy, didn’t know bats come out in the day firstly and secondly just to be so close and in the wild with them was pretty special.


Enjoyed my first ever strawberry daiquiri, pretty much tastes like a real good slush puppy, can’t help but always think of JD from scrubs when I see drinks like this on menus.


While out at sea we spotted a few new islands being built, not sure as to why but I found the view really interesting, the scale of these people working in the sea.


Well I hope thats not the last time I am put in a situation I would have never choosen, as it was a complete blast. So much to see.

Till next time,

Toodle pip!