What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

Tour had some long drives through some crazy sceneries, the first leg of tour we made are way through Ohio, Ann Arbor and took a few days pit stop in Chicago. Lennard’s finger grounded down to a point for some reason, he thought it would be right to sing in to it.

The back seats of the van always sent everyone to sleep, I couldn’t tell you the number of times I fell asleep at my computer sitting in the back.

To keep ourselves awake, we made a point to stop off at as many awesome random places that we possiably could. As the tour went on we all found an addiction to trying to find the strangest products we could from gas stations, from animal clocks, racoon hats and way to many bizarre T-shirts. At this stop, Leonard picked up an luminous coloured beanie while I captured this photograph in front of the american flag, soon after being attacked by some strange bugs, you can catch this all here video here.

After setting up camp in Chicago for a few days, we mostly spent our time at this neat coffee shop called TheWormholeCoffee which is full of the coolest memorabilia from a delorean from back to the future, The Goonies posters, tons of nintendo games and far to many cool vinyl toys.

Aside from the coffee shop I had been dying to get to see this giant bean, and finally I made it, the ultimate bean man.

Some of the team, Tuna the voice behind Dogteeth and the maker of many awesome doodles an ideas, she has a great zine too called Whats the jam. Lennard one of the coolest dudes I will ever know…

From time to time, he kinda looks like Biggie.

O yea I can float!