January, you were awesome!
…Over the past month, I spent time in Paris, New York and of course my home London working on various projects. Other then hanging with friends, making new ones and freezing my butt off, I learnt a lot.
One subject has been stuck in my head, from my recent adventures and meetings. It has given me a new way of viewing the basic’s and learning not to over look process.
The current age we live in, the end product has become such a common sight and we forget about the trail that lead us there. When over in NY, Mark Ecko touched on this during his talk at agenda. As obvious as it is, many of us over look it hugely.
Process is everything, so rather than looking at the meaning process of a product, instead look at process of your life or your career. The process is what shall build up your character, it is where you will meet the people that will have a huge impact on your life, we all have them. All this will help you to make your long term goals and along the way maturing your thoughts of the finish line.
Asking someone where they want to be in 10 years is fine but who would want to know whats going to happen in 10 years? Where is the surprise or the adventure. Prepare yourself for chance instead, when an opportunity shows its self take it and do it at your best, the chances are that another door will open.
Through this I have gone from knowing very little, taking practice in to my own hands and learning skill sets, then going on to meeting people at events, on the train or the internet, leading to me gathering some great friends who have amazing jobs, creatively happy and happiest is infectious so of course, I try to spend the most time I can round them.
I never planned out to be where I am now and it has been a collection of unique meetings, friends, just the basics of trail and error, working hard and learning different skill sets that have got me here. I have started on the path and its a heck load of fun.

During my recent travels, I got to meet and work with Ronnie Fieg and his team. Full of young creatives his team are working hard and producing some really interesting products. A great team is unbeatable.
So just think, next time your frustrated about your work because it is not what you thought you would be doing by now, it could well be the path you have to take to get there. Try and enjoy the journey.