Take the leap


The best prize that life has to offer by far is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. I was approached to be part of a great campaign… for which I got to take three cars full of my mates out to risk their lives.

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It all started with the idea of ‘Over to You’, a Samsung campaign which, through the help of some nice people, I was lucky enough to be involved in. The idea of going wild swimming had been floating in my head for a while now and near the top of my wish list is, at some point, to jump off a waterfall. So, when given the opportunity to have an adventure involving throwing myself off a cliff, I literally jumped at the chance.


Accompanied by a waterproof phone and some of my best friends, we packed our cars at the last minute, got up before the sun and set off to Wales for the weekend.


I had found this spot via the Wildswimming.co.uk site and had to check it out in real life. As you see it was mind blowing even in the forever-falling rain of Wales.

Suffoca_Wales_03 Suffoca_Wales_05

With all of our nerves at top peak, we dipped our toes into our first ever wild swimming experience. After losing our breath from the ice-cold water, the laughs began to trickle out whilst we gazed around, swimming in the awe of the moment.

Suffoca_Wales_12 Suffoca_Wales_06

After asking a few locals, they recommended not to jump from the waterfall top because of the shallow edges and random rocks, BUT we held out hope and, just as we where about to call it a day, a group of guys on their friend’s stag-do, wandered over and began chatting. They clearly had experience wild swimming but had never been here either, and so, after a good check over, it was go-time and the risk taking began.


One after the next, buzzing off each other’s adrenaline rush, we looped from the river bottom to the waterfall top pushing nerves aside to take flight.

Suffoca_Wales_13 Suffoca_Wales_08 Suffoca_Wales_07

I honestly don’t think we would have jumped if the group of guys did not appear, so a big thank you to Robert and the gang, I owe you.


Time flew by and we began to tire after all the excitement so with a ridiculously big eight man tent I decided to get for the trip, to keep everyone together, we retreated to eat, talk over the day and rest for the morning drive back while buzzing from the days adventure.


This is exactly the type of thing I’ve been looking to do with Suffoca and so it’s amazing to finally do it. Taking friends, crew members or customers on wild adventures experiencing something incredible together. Expect to see a lot more of these sort of adventures or, better still, if you want to be a part or have any great ideas hit us up via Twitter or Facebook.


We’re all waiting impatiently on the next adventure…