Remember that time I traveled across the united states?

Rather then split the whole recap up in to a series of blog posts, I thought it would be best to get the trip over with so I can tell you about whats next, so heres a overview of tour.

500 Mile drives is alot of time to think.

Some sceneries which look like movie backdrops.

Las Vegas is a strange place, lets leave it at that.

After Vegas we decided to drive through the night to San Francisco, I got the morning shift with this view above, not a bad deal.

Shadow arm

San Fransicio is definitely a place which stood out for me on tour, I haven’t ever got to experience it quite like we did this time and I didn’t want to leave, I guess ill have to visit again soon. It was nice catching some familiar faces and seeing whats new, big thanks to Prince, Benny Gold and Alex at Super 7 for making it awesome.

What can I say, its a look that works.

Some awesome people I met on the trip who have neat projects of there own and support Suffoca round the states. Clint is a great illustrator and beard grower by the looks of things, you can catch his work at

Nathan met us at the orlando spot, his a real life explorer on his bike he rides across america sharing stories and making people smile you can check his adventures over at

Good friend Sal hung out with us in LA, he loves to chat constantly which is great because so do I.

Andrea popped over too, although we didn’t really get to hang out properly, its great to hear your doing well.

The Team in Georgetown ( Minus Tuna & Johnny ), From left to right : Ashley, Lennard, Brandon, Myself, Maisie and Fam, I had a serious blast with these guys travelling across alien lands, thanks a bunch!

In miami I got introduced to Julian, who run’s his own brand Stray Rats. After grabbing something to eat he showed us his gold mine collection of vintage toys from Disney, E.T , The Simpson’s and his Snoopdog doll which kept us up till about 3 in the morning. A real awesome couple, thanks for the laughs.

In LA I finally got to bump heads with Matthew in real life with his girlfriend Ciara, it was a real pleasure hanging out, wish I had some more time to adventure around together, maybe next time!.

This kid was to cool.

These guys in Denver ruled too.