In Hong Kong


Trust in what you love, continue to do it and it will take you where you need to.

Myself and Maisie took off on a unreal trip, first stop was brand new for both of us, as you may have guessed from the headline, Hong Kong.

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Humidity city, urban forest utopia, this place feels like a whole different planet and thats just the visuals, once you delve in to the food, smells and the culture of people it levels up.

Our time was going to be short on this end of the trip so here’s how we filled our time.

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I have said this before but jet lag can be your friend when it works in your favour of waking you up early enough to see sunrise. Taking advance of this, we grabbed a slim breakfast and caught an early train out of the main of the city over to the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. Floating in a look alike pod from Willy Wonka (The Original of course) we passed through patches of thick fog wondering if we would even see the Big Buddha, but just as a you would expect a grand unveiling of a piece of art as we strolled the small town towards the stairs there it appeared, the fog dispersed an there we stood in awe.

DSC02288 DSC02292 DSC02297 DSC02318 DSC02327

Victoria Peak
This spot is a tourist hot spot but it has good reason to be, hosting a healthy history which you can read about in the tram line at the bottom. The tram then whistles its way up the steep hills to a view impossible to ignore.

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Side note – At the bottom of the tram, just round the corner a short 5 minute walk up the road our the Botanical Gardens and Zoo, free to wonder and I’m glad we did, absolutely stunning.

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Hong Kong hosts some incredible shopping, specially right by our hotel in Causeway Bay, spots like I.T, Juice and a bundle more house a great selection of brands.

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Food Glorious food, yeah we ate a lot of course.

Here’s a few of our top spots
Mott 32
Social Place
18 Grams

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We set shop up at the TUVE , they boast a timeless, placeless and genderless appearance, pretty interesting description for a hotel in my eyes. The rooms and overall look of the place was so clean and contemporary it made for a real stylistic pleasant stay, minus the two fire alarms.

The hotel provided us a mobile phone in which you could order tickets for pretty much anything at a discount price which is always a bonus, also good for using the map, or text and calls, if your cell provider charges an arm and leg.

g_02_HK_SFCA DSC02365

Disney of course…
The smallest of all the parks, designed to fit with the fensiua culture of China, it hosts quite a few different detailed sights and the overall feel was quintessential Disney but the Chinese twist was obvious. Not my favourite, the atmosphere was a bit lost I can’t remember any music being played or if so very quietly, but still a Great park!

DSC023552 DSC02358 DSC02363 DSC02364
DSC02361 DSC02372 DSC02379 g_01_HK_SFCA DSC02366

The Culture is so visually strong here, although it is packed out with expats it felt like a very rounded city,  which I would love to spend more time in, next time I want to meet up with locals for sure.

so here’s till next time HK,
Toddle Pip