One day we’ll look back and remember the risks we took and how they paid off.
I recently noticed how different we all are. What might seem like the natural thing to do is the total opposite to others and talking, sharing stories and experiences can really help you out a lot more than you think.
John flew over from the states to stay with me and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of JC London, to hold a number of private and a public lectures and, of course, to adventure with our nightly pancake feast, paired with laughing ‘til our legs give way ‘til early morning.
Kellen is pretty much a superhero.
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Myself and Maisie listening to John’s ramblings
Kellen is heading off to the states taking her soon-to-be other half Andy with her and making it official. It’s a real shame myself and Maisie won’t be making the wedding but we will be here to celebrate when you’re back.  All the best you guys!
Met up with Jamal for a chat at the end of one of his many wanderings around London looking for cool, little locations and he took us to one of his secret spots to chill. ( Watch ) This particular place had old jail cells which had been converted into private rooms for you and your friends to hang out – neat idea.
John hosted a public lecture which I posted via Facebook & Twitter. It sold out within a day or two to Creatives, Business Owners and people that were simply interested. The whole thing was a success and I’m completely stoked for John, it felt like a real welcome to London for the brand and seeing it pass 2 years is a huge step with no sign of slowing down. The recent launch of a brand new website and some collaborations which are going to blow your socks off are yet to come…
One big bonus of having John over, is it really pulls a lot of friends from far and wide down for a week or two of full on creative hangouts. Giles here and Derek above are two great photographers with rad personalities. I have all the time in the world for these guys. With the launch of the new Suffoca site you shall start to see their involvement with Suffoca a lot more.
One of my best friends Nate is always here to keep me smiling.
This guy was great and was a stand-out character from the two year anniversary, video coming soon on
Del & Nicola fighting the blizzard temperatures while listening to me ramble on about life.
It’s never to cold for Gelupo. My personal favourite is Salted Caramel but they have some other rad flavour combinations to try.

It was real nice bumping into Rob again too. ( Check his work ) He’s a master of the toy world, and after talk-fighting our way into closing shops to get a puff of heating. You may be seeing him fairly soon again on here, for something super exciting in the works for Suffoca. Let’s just say Beanman will be ‘a real boy’ *In the voice of Pinocchio*. Stay Tuned…!