While riding the Cyclone at Coney island I thought it would be a neat chance to test out a new toy, its not the smoothest shot due to the rough drops and turns but you can see are bodies turning in to jelly as they get thrown about. ouch.

After escaping New York (because of hurricane Irene) we got back to Boston. That night we stocked up on food, friends and musical instruments (The essentials) and settled in the house like hermit crabs, but after we lost power and noticed it wasn’t looking to bad outside we thought we would go for a wander and see what the whole commotion is about…

There was heavy wind and dark sky, which happened to be loads of fun to jump around in and watch the seaguls float in midair as the wind blew against them. It quickly went from the lightish sky above to the very dark sky below which was as equally nice to take some shots in, there where a bunch of people around as plenty of people like us, had enough of being kept inside!

After roaming around in the storm and loosing all light we ventured back to the house to find the electric had come back on so we were on for making some music. I couldn’t specify the type of music we ended up making but i think we made a pretty neat storm band, maybe ill post up some sounds clips we recorded.