Here’s a preview of one of the pieces I worked on with a great artist :  Matthew Skiff, which will soon be released.
I have always liked Matt’s work and while doodling one night, a story evolved in which Carny & Glump used Beanman as a distraction to do a sneaky prank on an pinup styled women, i knew who exactly could pull it off, so i got hold of Matt and we got chating over the idea.

After a short chat, we both got the sketches down, building prospective and trying to pack the scene with exciting stories and adventure. I really enjoyed this short project and im stoked on the outcome, there is some great details hidden in the main design, plus on other extra printed details.

Working with other artist’s is always fun and hopefully its something i can do a lot more of, bringing the characters in too other peoples lives whilst creating some real collectors items.