Guest Views :: Nathan Kane

Radical ambassadors of raditude from left to right: Devin, Lauren, Alex, Hayden
Plans in the Pacific Northwest are quick to formulate and be put into action. [Hayden: Do you guys want to join Devin and I on a hike? Us: Affirmative. We want to go to there.] So we went to there, and this right above right here is where ‘there’ was: Snow Lake, Snoqualmie National Forest.
When there’s prospect of us getting lost in whatever it is we’re doing you’ll see this expression beaming from our mugs.
Alex, apt to vault these classic kicks into some field testing in our quest to develop the: New Balance “Life-Shoe”…”It just does it all, all the time.”
Looking down on a frozen Snow Lake towards the rest of the Cascade mountain range.
Our summit break took a turn towards incredible when a Gray Jay snatched a peanut out of Hayden’s hand.
Timing. Is. EVERYTHING. One of our new found gray jay friends on the hover before take-off to kick it with his pal in the back.
2013_12_19_Snow_Lake-20Alex with double gray jays. Nature is most certainly metal. Show it some respect, rage in its venues and it will provide you with memories for a lifetime.
I double dog dare you.
2013_12_19_Snow_Lake-24Lauren found a horn deposit of the ever elusive Ice Unicorn.
The down hike was less sketchy than anticipated. Tweaked surf skids and bum slides were peppered into the descent as the sun started going down. Until next time, mountains. Stay rad.

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