A story of friends hanging out. (Theme Tune)

The recent weekend, I spent hanging out with a bunch of good friends, catching up on story’s, relighting some old ones and cooking up a huge collection of pancakes to fuel the whole thing.

Im sure you all know John by now, well its already been a whole year since he took the step of putting one of his unconventional bakery stores in London Carnaby, so just like any other special date it was celebrated in true JohnnyCupcakes fashion. As always Me and Maisie were there to lend a helping hand and have are cheeks seized up from laughing to much.

Kellen, Mikey, Josh, Q and Foday make up a group like no other, the London JC family aka “The Cray”, a group of goonies who make dinner hangouts feel like a party in my brain.

Nate dog, one of my best friends who on my first day of college a good while back, I decided to sit next to on a bench an chat away like a crazy cat lady, funny enough Nate had lost his marbles too.

Timba Smits, not only a real life version of the Jolly green giant, but a super nice guy with so many ideas in his head every now and then they accidently slip out his mouth.

Dravis, handy with his camera and his head set on business mode , his real nice to hangout with and have someone else take some sweet shots of the adventures we all get up to from a different eye.

Giles the young David Attenborough is a top notch guy, on the few times we’ve met, it’s felt like we’ve been Friends for years, and to top that all off his a gold mine of knowledge, specially when it involves a camera.